Malachite, the Transformer

One of Princesse Décadente’s favorite colors has always been green. Whilst wandering around India, she felt immediate attraction towards a very special stone: Malachite. Its name could come from the Greek word “malache” which means “mallow”, because its color is similar to the mallow leaf, or from another Greek word “malakos”, which means “soft”, because it’s softer than other minerals. Its shade symbolizes the lushness of nature in bloom as well as personal growth, abundance of spirit, and the maintenance of positive vibes.
If you too are drawn to this crystal, it might mean that it’s time to turn over a new leaf and you need change in your life. Known as the Stone of Transformation, Malachite brings new energy and focus on growth while pruning the brambles holding you back; meditate with it and feel all chakra centers being cleansed and purified, removing emotional blockages and opening your heart up to the adventure. If you find yourself wandering down memory lane, this stone will remind you to keep the past in the dust and move on. Malachite is also excellent for new relationships. Being a warrior stone it serves as a guardian of the heart, healing emotional wounds, or opening to love. It’s a must-have stone for city dwellers yearning for natural relics, and for those who are struggling with depression.
When wearing Malachite jewelry, such as our Reyes earrings or Isabelle ring, the crystal will help balance the everyday blues and return you to an even plane of positivity and optimism. Gaze at its lush green color and you’ll feel your world is illuminated by the vibrant shades of nature as it works to stabilize your mood by neutralizing toxic energy, whilst also guarding your spirit against any outside negativity. If you get stuck on a project or suffer from writer’s’ block, call on Malachite to pull you out of the rut by giving you a deeper understanding of your true creative spirit.

To encourage positive, life-affirming thoughts, practice walking meditation in nature while holding your Malachite stone and contemplating healing and transformation. When you channel the powerful vibrations of this crystal it forms a direct link to photosynthesis and the miracle of light transforming into energy, which sustains life. The spirit of Malachite is all about growth and progress as it helps you open the door to the universe and all of its beauty and wonder.



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