Stylish Made in Italy

Mention Italy and a specific type of effortless glamour immediately comes to mind, with the Made in Italy brand used since the 1980s to indicate the individuality of the country in four traditional industries: fashion, food, furniture, and mechanical engineering. Since 1999, Made in Italy has been protected by official associations and regulated by the law. Compared with Made in Germany (‘all essential manufacturing steps’) and Made in the USA (‘all or virtually all’), Italian regulation is more restrictive (‘totally’) in determining what qualifies for the use of this label.

Italian products have been associated with quality, high specialization, and differentiation along with elegance and luxury since the 14th-Century, when the Tuscanese town of Florence became intimately associated with ideas of appearance and identity. Elite families were obsessed with fashion, investing huge proportions of their fortunes in garments, but it was not until the post-war years of the 20th Century that Italy’s international clothing industry became famous. Aristocratic entrepreneur Giovanni Battista Giorgini started gathering designs from the best tailors and dressmakers in the country, showcasing them at Palazzo Pitti in Florence.



Normally these pieces were cheaper than their Parisian counterparts, so they spread rapidly to the rest of Europe and the US. It was then that Hollywood fully propelled Italian style onto the global stage, when Cinecittà Studios in Rome became an international hub of cinema and the city itself acted as an open-air movie set. The images of famous American actors wearing Italian fashion around Italy were seen around the world, portraying a sybaritic and effortlessly stylish way of life.



Italians care passionately about appearance and fare bella figura – to make a good impression is fundamental to their way of living. The nation’s trademark swagger goes hand in hand with its long tradition of craftsmanship, which made the Made in Italy label so desirable worldwide. Princesse Décadente is proud to state that our accessories are dreamed, designed, and handcrafted on the outskirts of Milan.

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