Princesse Décadente is the fusion of Luxury and Elegance with Sustainable, Artisanal Creativity.
Our collection of Jewels and Accessories is sourced from local craftspeople around the world, imbuing each piece with the love, care and attention that can only come from being painstakingly handmade by an individual.

By connecting these amazing local artisans with all four corners of the globe, we are shining a light on their truly beautiful creations whilst ensuring they are paid fairly for their talent and hard work.

Authenticity. Individuality. Sustainability.

These are the three key ingredients which underpin everything we do.



Behind all of our items lies a story. How do we know that? You can see it in every cut, curve and cranny of our Indian gemstones. You can smell the sweat and tears that have gone into hand-making the gorgeous Italian accessories we have available for you. And you can feel it when you have the finished product in your hands, recognising it not only as a luxury accessory but as a tale of labour and love unto itself.


The care that has gone into creating each product you’ll find at Princesse Décadente makes for truly memorable gifts which will be cherished for a lifetime. No two of our items are the same, and this individuality is something that a high-street store simply cannot replicate – just like that amazing feeling of receiving something which instantly feels like it was made for you, and only you.


We work hard to ensure that all of the products we have sourced from our travels have a minimal negative impact on the local community. The supremely talented craftspeople whom we have met will always be fairly remunerated for their stunning work, and we’re proud to be able to share their bijoux et accessoires with the rest of the world.