The Gato Collection

Princesse Décadente absolutely loves kittens, but in this case, a “gato” is someone from Madrid whose parents and grandparents also came from the city.

From our home, here in the Spanish capital, Princesse Décadente aims to take you on a journey to discover hidden beauties of jewels handcrafted by talented local artisans. In every piece that we create together, we share a commitment to bringing the finest and most genuine pieces of Spanish culture to the world.

Our affirmation to only use local resources is our way of helping to preserve authentic crafts and passing it onto the next generation. Through our work, we want to share the warmth of this land and tell its amazing stories to the rest of the world.


Custom-Made Jewelry

Princesse Décadente can turn your ideas into reality by crafting that unique quality treasure that you’ve been dreaming of. Not a second of artistic fervor is lost; from the choice of your favorite metal and the second, we choose a beautiful gemstone to the moment finally deliver your unique handmade design. Whether you have an idea, picture, or just need some creative inspiration, you can work with Princesse Décadente to make your vision a reality.

Our uncompromising commitment to quality and service guarantees complete satisfaction whether you are looking for a striking engagement ring, matching wedding bands, or a special gift for a special someone. During the design and manufacture process, we will consult with you extensively to create exactly what you have in mind, ensuring that you will be proud to wear your bijoux for many years to come.

Contact us today for an obligation-free consultation where we can discuss your requirements in more detail: