The Chencha Ring



Mother-of-Pearl Ring

Handmade in Holbox, Mexico



The inner layer of mollusk shell is called nacre: the term derives from the Arabic word “nakar” meaning “shell”, and not by chance another name of nacre is the “mother of pearl”. It has a very distinct multi-colored appearance and a faint glow similar to other moon-like gemstones.

Natural pearls are more expensive than a natural mother of pearl gem because pearls are significantly rarer; all nacre-producing mollusks will have a mother of pearl coating inside their shell that can be used in jewelry. However, only a small percentage of them have a particle that naturally makes its way inside their shells. That’s why man-made pearls and mother of pearls are both significantly less expensive than their natural counterparts. It is believed that nacre jewelry is beneficial for both Pisceans and Aquarians.

It is best not to clean Nacre jewelry with harsh cleaners, strong abrasives, or alcohol as they will destroy the original color. Never clean it in an ultrasonic cleaner or use detergent, baking soda, or ammonia-based products.

It is delicate and will scratch if mishandled. Wrapping them in a soft cloth or silk bag for storage will help prevent damage. Clean after wearing by simply wiping with a soft cloth, chamois, or microfiber jewelry cleaning cloth, either damp or dry.

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