The Francesca Bracelet with Labradorite


Unpolished Silver and Labradorite Stones

Handmade in Jaipur, India


The Francesca Bracelet with Labradorite


Labradorite is a special crystal to keep close by because it reminds you of the natural beauty of the cosmos. Discovered in the 18th century in the region of Labrador in Canada, it was believed by the native people to be connected to the Aurora Borealis and its spectacular flashes of light. Labradorite compels us to go outside, gaze up at the stars and open the mind to multiple levels of consciousness that go beyond our everyday reality and belief systems. This crystal’s healing properties are linked to the Third Eye Chakra, the energy field that ignites spiritual development. If you’re looking to expand your mind, meditate with Labradorite to connect with higher realms of consciousness and parallel worlds of endless possibilities. This crystal allows one’s innate magical powers to surface, provides ease in moving between the worlds, and permits a safe return to the present.

The best way to clean this stone is with warm water and mild soap. You could use an ultrasonic or steam cleaner, but we advise against it because labradorite can be fragile. Do not use jewelry cleaner. Any harsh chemicals should be avoided.


UNPOLISHED is the first jewelry collection developed by Princesse Décadente, featuring a strong emphasis on unrefined silver, raw stones, and crystals. It’s a selection of bijoux celebrating understated luxury and high-end materials while providing sustainable and unique creations for the modern cosmopolitan woman.

UNPOLISHED¬†is about a different approach ‚Ästa collaborative space¬†where Princesse D√©cadente and Indian artisans share their inspirations and tell stories through design; a territory dedicated to¬†Mesdames et Mesdemoiselles¬†who¬†stretch beyond the conventional boundaries of accessories.

UNPOLISHED is ideal for ladies with a desire to not only stay fashionable, but also to inspire and delight their friends and colleagues with their unique style.


Please note that all of Princesse Décadente’s goods are handmade using recycled, vintage and/or new eco-friendly, sustainable, organic material. We put hours of love and dedication into every piece we create, starting from hand-picking the fabric then washing & drying it to designing, drafting & cutting the pattern by sewing, stitching, ironing, and hammering. As with a lot of handcrafted or recycled materials, there are inherent markings that some may consider "flaws"; we find that it's these beautiful little "scars" that give each piece its own special character, imparting a uniqueness that we could not replicate with a machine-made object. We love the perfection of imperfection, so please keep this in mind if you are thinking of purchasing any of Princesse Décadente’s goods.


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