The Héliette Earrings


Gold-plated Silver and Turquoise

Vintage piece

Handmade in Istanbul, Turkey


The Héliette Earrings


In the world of crystal healing, Turquoise is a stone of communication. Healers recommend it for people who have a fear of public speaking: they believe it has the ability to make a speaker more eloquent, loving, creative, and honest. It also improves the mental state overall by increasing serenity, creativity, empathy, positive thinking, sensitivity, intuition, happiness wisdom, all of which result in a calmer state of mind that leads to greater self-realization. Turquoise a stone of friendship. It opens up the connections between people and allows love to flow, strengthening the human bond, convictions, courage, and personal power.


The Voyage Collection

Princesse Décadente believes objects with past lives have a certain depth that can be felt and shared. Every jewel and accessory has its own story, and if you listen closely enough it will tell you of the hands that held it and those which lovingly created it. Princesse Décadente loves traveling and celebrating the cultural diversity of communities around the world, where artisans incorporate traditional craft methods into stylish, unique products that protect their cultural heritage and allow us to enjoy the skill and beauty of their expertise. The Voyage Collection is the result of the countless trips taken by Princesse Décadente all over the world. Here, she brings you a selection of the treasures she found and fell in love with during her travels.

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