The Arlette Earrings


Gold-plated Silver and Coral


Handmade in Italy


The Arlette Earrings


Red coral is said to absorb negativity, support friendships, invoke optimism in the wearer, and encourage romantic love. It motivates the user to pursue ambitions and is believed to protect you from depression, as it calms the emotions and brings inner peace.  It is a wonderful tool to use during visualization as it also stimulates the imagination. In physical healing, Coral helps with bladder and kidney conditions, stimulating tissue regeneration, and strengthening the circulatory system.

Coral jewelry was in vogue during the Victorian era and is still popular today, even as it has become more and more scarce as many reefs have come under government protection. Subsequently, a piece of Coral jewelry that has been passed down through the generations is a precious item indeed. Because it is very soft, it must be treated with great care. It should be cleaned with a soft, clean cloth and then rinsed in warm, soapy water. It should never be soaked, nor put in an ultrasonic cleaner, nor subjected to a jewelry dip.


The Voyage Collection

Princesse Décadente believes objects with past lives have a certain depth that can be felt and shared. Every jewel and accessory has its own story, and if you listen closely enough it will tell you of the hands that held it and those which lovingly created it. Princesse Décadente loves traveling and celebrating the cultural diversity of communities around the world, where artisans incorporate traditional craft methods into stylish, unique products that protect their cultural heritage and allow us to enjoy the skill and beauty of their expertise.

The Voyage Collection is the result of the countless trips taken by Princesse Décadente all over the world. Here, she brings you a selection of the treasures she found and fell in love with during her travels.

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